Wolf's Angel Rune Talisman

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The Wolfsangel symbol represents an ancient hook-like weapon used to catch wolves. Magically The Wolfsangel Rune channels ‘Wolf Energy’ to Bring Protection by Binding All Harmful Influences and then Obliterating them.

The Wolfsangel is the Rune of the Viking God Vidar (the Son of Odin and the beautiful Giantess Grid.) Vidar is the Destroyer of the Evil “Fenris;” the Monster Wolf. Therefore the Wolfsangel is believed by some to Protect against Werewolves.  With its capacity to Bind and Destroy forces of Disorder and Dissolution it was used by the freemen, peasants and farmers of the Viking Lands as a Symbol of Protection, Liberty, and Independence. 

 The Runes surrounding the Wolfsangel are The Elder Futhark: a Mystical Alphabet used by The Ancient Vikings to Attract Luck and Fortune, Provide Protection, and Divine the Future. Each of these Runes has specific Magical Powers!