Viking Shield Talisman

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This Viking Knot represents the Movement of the Heavens, the Sun, Moon & Stars following endless cycles without beginning or end. Early Nordic people associated the Heavens to TYR: Norse God of the Sky, Order and Justice, and also with THOR: God of Thunder, Harvest, & Defender of Asgard.

The Norse were a people who thrived in the glory of combat. Many ancient documents tell how even th mighty legions of Rome could not hold ground against these "Battle Lusting Warriors".

The God TYR has also been cited as the Viking God of War and though it may seem at odds with his other titles of order & justice, thr discord and chaos of warmust be subdued and conquered for devine order & prosperity to flourish.

The glyph of Skjoldpopularity known as the Shield Knot, was perceived to wield a unique form of Magic and was one of the symbols of Luck.

Like a shield being indespensable for protecting warriors against all manner of attack, the Skjold was also regarded as a type of personal armor.

The Skjold has been said to shield the warrior:  protecting them against any chaos, limitations, dangerous predicaments and redirecting those energies-granting the bearer unwavering fortitude while transforming difficult situations into Victory, Prosperity and Attainment of perfect alignment of earthly affairs in accord with the Devine Order & laws that move the Heavens.