Triquetra Talisman

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The Triquetra is an ancient symbol of the Celtic Goddess, Dana, the mother of Brigid and all the Celtic Gods and Goddesses- She who is, She who was, and She who will be.

The interlaced lines of the triangular knot form a continuous ‘gateless’ design, which has been considered a Symbol of Protection throughout time.

Since the knot work has no “gate” through which mischievous Spirits can enter to cause trouble, they must spend eternity trying to find their way out of the endless loops thus offering protection for the bearer from evil spirits.

Although Christian dogma states the trinity to be Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; the concept of a trinity had already been the social foundation for the Celtic peoples for thousands of years before the church fathers assimilated the idea into their doctrines.

The Goddess was considered a trinity for her ancient manifestations had three aspects: The Virgin, The Mother, and The Wise Elder. All three were one entity; just as each woman encompasses all three states through life.

Many mystical meanings were assigned to this powerful symbol: perfection in thought, word, & deed, which would bring forth love, culture, and wisdom.

When the old Celtic beliefs and ways were being erased during the Christian takeover the Triquetra became a common amulet for woman to wear, symbolizing that their belief in the ancient ways had not changed. Living in harmony with all life is the light of Goddess.