Thor's Runic Hammer Talisman

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Thor's Magic Hammer Mjolnir which produces both Thunder and Lightning is a Mighty Weapon against the enemies of Gods and men.  With it Thor was Invincible in Battleswith Frost Giants, Mountain Giants, Hill Ogres, Trolls and other Demons that threatened Heaven and Earth.

After being thrown, Mjolnir would magically return to Thor's hand.  A blow from Thor's hammer was so powerful it would cause instant death.  Mjolnir was also a Symbol of Life and Fertility in connection with Thor's influence over the rains and crops.  It brings Blessings in Marriage by keeping evil powers away and bringing Fercundity to the bride.

 This Mjolnir has several Viking Runes within its design.  The most prominent is Tir the rune of Order, Justice and Victory at the bottom.  Above Tir is Fehu-literally cattle symbolizing: Mobile Property, New Beginnings, and Wealth.  These runes are set within a larger rune Ingwaz symbolizing: Unity, Peace, and Harmony.

On either side at the top of the Ingwaz rune is the Berkana rune: Rune of Continued Growth and Rebirth, renewal in all things: The Rune of Becoming.

At the bottom of the design are the two goats that pull Thor's chariot: Tanngrisner("teeth barer, snarler) and Tanngnjostr (teeth grinder).

Thor sometimes kills and cooks his goats, their flesh provides sustenance for him and others, then Thor resurrects them with his hammer: Mjolnir, and they are brought back to life the next day.