Valknut Talisman

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The 3 triangles are called "The Valknut, The Knot of the Fallen"-a Sacred Symbol to Odin, King of the Nordic Gods. This Magical Knot was self-carved into the breasts of wounded Viking Warriors so their Souls would be carried, by the Valkyries, to Valhalla, the Heavenly Meeting Hall where the heroes would drink and feast with their Gods forever. 

However one would be mistaken to associate this symbol solely with the bloody Vikings. Norse legends harken back to a long forgotten age where…"Life was considered the 'battlefield' of the Soul, and to triumphant one had to overcome the forces of darkness in one's own life, allowing the Spirit to shine.

     Surrounding the Valknut is a ring with 9 points, symbolic of Odin's Magic Ring. Nine is described in ancient Norse texts as a Magical Number, a number of Grand Cycles, and  Completion and Closure. This Magical Ring was laid on the funeral pyre of Odin's son, Baldr (the sun), and represents Reincarnation.