Dana's Triscele Talisman

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Danu (also called Anu, Dana, or Anann) was the great Celtic Earth Goddess who ruled over Fertility, Prosperity, and Health. She was Mother to other Gods as well as the original people of Ireland, the ‘Tuatha de Danann’ (the ‘children of Danu.’) She has strong connections with the sea. She represents Motherhood, New Beginnings, and the Cycles of Life. She was considered to be the Maiden aspect of the Celtic Triple Goddess, with Badb (the Mother) and Macha (the Crone).

Among the many Celtic lands, Danu was mainly worshiped in what is now Ireland. As a testament to her fertility there are two hills still called the "Breasts of Anu." The Don River and the Danube River in Europe may both have been named for Danu as well. She may also be connected with the Greek-Roman Goddess, Diana.

This Three Spiraled Triskele symbolizes the cycles of life. The ‘three spheres’ (Land, Sea and Sky) represent the three aspects of the material world that are contained in every object ever flowing outward and but always returning to the point from which it started.