Dragonfly Talisman

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The Dragonfly encourages us to live by the motto, "Let there be light." Learning to use the light force and the life force will inspire your imagination and creativity. The beautiful jewel-like colors of the Dragonfly are a reminder that we too are beings of light and need to allow our own to shine through.

Dragonflies inhabit two worlds; as nymphs they begin their life in the water, then go through metamorphosis and adapt to life in the air.

If the dragonfly is your totem, you experience the depth of your emotions, through your relationship with water, and achieve the highest mental clarity as you shift to the realm of air. The transformation from nymph to winged jewel resembles the soul’s journey to self discovery.

Those with a Dragonfly totem are often free-spirited and self-determined folks.

We are only delighted by the dragonfly during the day, when it can absorb the light of the sun. Those who are akin with the Dragonfly will need plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and warmth to experience optimal health and well-being. The power to reflect and refract light and color has attracted us to the dragonfly as a source of magic and mysticism. Through the ages, people have sought Wisdom and Healing Energy from these colorful beings of light.

Invite the Dragonfly into your heart and watch your creativity soar as the beauty of light creates magic in your life.