Astrologer's Star Talisman

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In folklore, Kakabel is a powerful Angel whose name literally means “Star of God”.

Kakabel is in charge of all the stars and constellations! Among the holiest of angels, Kakabel reigns over 365,000 lesser spirits.

To some he is considered a fallen angel, because he falls in love with earthly women and teaches Astrology to mankind!

“Kakabel’s Star” is surrounded by the “characters of celestial writing”. This writing was derived from the constellations, and is a secret alphabet still used in high degrees of Free Masonry.  This type of magical alphabet is used to transmit secret or confidential information in the form of cryptogram. It is said that powerful Mystics of the Middle Ages developed this system of Cryptography to conceal the secrets of the HUMAN SOUL !

The Central Star in this design is a Celtic rendition of the Hexagram of Solomon, a six pointed Magical star.  Six has also been referred to as the sexual number. Not surprisingly, the hexagram was a favorite symbol of the Greek Goddess  of Love,  Aphrodite!

“Kakabel’s Star” explodes with Ancient Magic and Mystery and imbues us with the miracle and wonder of the Angels!