Talisman of the Sun (1st Pentacle)

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The  Ancient Manuscript “The Key of Solomon, the King” states… "The First Pentacle of the Sun.-The Countenance of Shaddai the Almighty, at Whose aspect all creatures obey, and the Angelic Spirits do reverence on Bended knees."

     "This singular Pentacle contains the head of the great Angel Metatron, the vice-gerent and representative of Shaddai, who is called the Prince of Countenances, and the right-hand masculine Cherub of the Ark, as Sandalphon is the left and feminine.  

    On either side is the Name 'El Shaddai.' Around is written in Latin:-Behold His face and form by Whom all things were made, and Whom all creatures obey."

     The Sun was considered the 1st of the 7 planets. It is said to help the Heart, Spine, Thymus and to Fight Bacterial Disease. This Talisman helps one Acquire Fame, Secure Honors and Riches. It gives Absolute Freedom of Thought and Action, Clear Judgment, Dexterity of speed and to find favor in the sight of Great Men.