Talisman of Mars

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The protective influence of Mars can help one fight against disease, injury, and unforeseen attack. The pentacles of this talisman have the ability to incite one to accomplish great works and mighty deeds of valor!


Mars was considered to be the fifth of the seven fabled planets of the Ancients.

The influence of Mars is said to have great success against all kinds of diseases if applied to the affected area and protects one from attack or injury.

This talisman consists of the second and sixth pentacles of Mars said to:

Incite a person to do Mighty Deeds and Perform Works of Valor.

Give one Iron Will but can make one reckless. Increase Passion. Give Courage, Ambition, Enthusiasm, Stamina, and Great Abilities at all Physical Deeds.

Bring Victory in any Argument, Battle or Disagreement. Stop any Discord. Overcome Enemies and be Safe from Evil and Harm.

Good for Police Officers, Firefighters, as well as Nurses, Doctors, and Healers.