Talisman for Mastery of the Magical Arts

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Around 1740 a Magical Grimoire called the "Black Pullet" describes the discovery of this talismanic design........

"An officer in the army of the 'Genius' [Napoleon]," was sent on an expedition to the Pyramids Of Egypt. In the shadow of the "Grand Colossus," (the Great Pyramid) the expedition was attacked by a horde of "Arabs of the desert." In a fierce battle, all were slain save our brave officer who was mortally wounded. The officer was saved and taken into the Great Pyramid. "There were vast halls and endless galleries, subterranean chambers piled with treasures, apparitions of blazing lamps, ministering spirits innumerable...." After gaining the confidence of the ancient sage, our officer was made an apprentice and taught ""in the powers and wonders of 22 Talismanic figures..."

This talisman's design was inspired by the manuscript published by the officer. The symbols were not thoroughly explained but some of the symbols are "Sigels Of Angels," some are alchemical symbols, and some are letters from a "Magical Angelic Alphabet."

The Latin phrase "Miserere Deus" in the center translates as a prayer to God for Mercy.

This Talisman helps the wearer obtain a Profound Knowledge of any Subject, Art, or Magical Art they choose to study and allows them to easily outshine Teachers, Experts, and fellow seekers even though "unqualified by scholarship."