Scorpion Talisman

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Since the beginning of Mankind, people believed in the Extraordinary Powers of Animals and that Animals possess Souls and Consciousness and that the Spirit of the animal existed after death.

Most North American Indians were careful not to worship any single part of creation, but held the Whole of Creation sacred. They believe that   Everything on earth is alive; has purpose; is connected; and Everything on earth is to be embraced.

   If you choose the Scorpion as your Spirit Guide: You are a very strong person with the ability to inspire others. You are a Great Lover yet enjoy periods of Solitariness between your Intense and Passionate relationships. You have a way with words that can often be stinging in their remarks. Your overall charisma will carry you through any conflicts. Yet you are unafraid to be vulnerable.

     Scorpions interact in an exotic dance of Passion and Control then return to their Solitary lives - an example of Intensity in Relationship followed by Isolation.

Key Words: Transformation, Seduction, Sex Magic,  Clarity, Guardianship, Secretiveness, Stealth, Energy, Control, Vitality, Attacking from the rear, Warning, Inspiration, Mystery, Treachery, Resilience, Death and Rebirth, Calculated, Passion, Transition, Defensiveness, Reflecting dark and negative energy back to its sender, Rebellion, Psychometry, Survival, Solitariness, Vulnerability, Healing.