Rune: Wyrd Talisman

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Name: Wyrd

Letter: 25th letter.

Translation: Fate Meaning: Destiny

Key words: Past, Present, Future.

Attributes: The Wise Eldress takes the rune of Wyrd as the collective name given to the 3 sides of fate; Past (Wisdom), Present (Learning), & Future (Hope). The blank surface of this rune denotes fates unseen presence weaving together the experiences within ones life.

Magical use: As the Rune of Destiny, Wyrd promotes understanding of the unseen web, which connects Cause with Effect in a synchronous pattern. This total perception of the unknowable unlocks the meaning of ones life and the significance behind each encounter. thread, ties up the loose ends and cuts.

Casting Meaning: The Blank rune signifies that this is a time of learning through experience. We are in a situation that was destined for us to encounter. The true meaning lies below the surface of what is immediately perceivable. This knowledge however must remain undisclosed until the situation has abated.