Rune: Wynn Talisman

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Name: Wynn, Wunjo, Wyn, Vend, Vin, Winja, Wungo, Wunja, Wunju.

Letter: W or V (8th letter)

Translation: Joy, perfection

Meaning: Self balance, Positive perspective, Self confidence.

Key words: Delight, Elation, Harmony, contentment, hope, trusted kinsfolk, effortless ease.

Attributes: Wynn rules the virtue of cheerfulness & well-being. It gives one the ability to maintain positive enthusiasm in spite of the disappointments, discouragements, and strife that come with life. By illuminating the soul with powers of positive insight, Wynn improves understanding of one’s self. This clarity brings self-confidence, courage, & an enjoyable disposition giving one a stronger standpoint from which to overcome difficult decisions and situations.

Magical use: Wynn is the foundation rune of will, as well as the rune of balanced, integrated personalities. Wynn melds the different sides of oneself into a whole, relieving tension, and giving an unwavering outlook of brightness through all life’s trials. Wynn is particularly useful in cases where positive emotional healing is needed. By realigning ones psyche to an optimistic point of view, Wynn reenergizes the spirit & improves harmony within one’s personal sphere.