Rune: Uruz Talisman

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Name: Uruz

Letter: U (2nd letter in the Elder Futhark)

Translation: Aurochs: an extinct, Giant Wild European Bison.

Meaning: Attainment,  Healing, Strength, Purification, Virility and Fertility.

Key Words: Health, Organic Energy, Purification.

Attributes: The rune of the Undomesticated Wild Force of Formation; Powerful unconscious shaping of that energy into Strength when guided by Wisdom.

Magical use: Uruz controls the Vital Organic Energies of Life. This rune helps drive out elements that may cause one to be weak, and is beneficial in the Healing & Regeneration of the body.

Casting Meaning: This is the Rune of Ending old cycles or ways of life, and the Beginning of a New Chapter in your personal sphere. Uruz is the Rune of Passage, the Cycle of Initiation. Look for opportunities disguised as losses.