Rune: Thurisaz Talisman

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Names: Thurisaz, Thurs, Thorn

Letter: Th (3rd runic letter)

Translation: Thorn-a symbolic weapon, Strong one.

Meaning: Vehement, Truculent, Cosmic phallic power, Giant, monster, Thor- the Thunder God.

Key words: Endeavor, Action, Capability, Magical power, forces of chaos.

Attributes: Brings knowledge of the separateness yet unity of all things. Awakens your Will to take Action and helps to strengthen the direction of endeavor. The energy of Thurisaz can be used for good or for chaos, destruction by natural forces, Awakening of the will to action, Breaking resistance of blockages in body, mind and spirit.

Magical use: Thurisaz is the rune of Revenge and Affliction. It is used to weaken other's Shields and mental barriers to clear the way for New Growth and Rebirth. This intense energy may mar the targeted individual and has no predictable outcome due to its unrestrainable might.

Casting Meaning: This rune indicates that now is not the time to take action, it is a time of waiting. Deep transformation forces are at work. You are being confronted with a reflection of what is hidden inside yourself. Now is the time for what is hidden to be exposed and examined through contemplative hindsight. Successful action cannot take place until deeply hidden issues are resolved.