Rune: Sigel Talisman

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Name: Sigel, Sowilo, Sol

Letter: S (16th runic letter)

Translation: The Sun

Meaning: Solar Wheel, Shield, Will, Spiritual awareness

Key words: Action, Goals, Success, Wholeness, Light, Energy, Victory, Discovery, Disclosure, The Spirit of Life, Completeness.

Attributes: Also the Rune of Invincibility Sigel/Sowilo serves as a Shield of Protection and a Sword of Confidence. By strengthening one's leadership, it provides you the energy to keep from yielding during difficulties. Sigel embodies self-realization giving flexibility to flow with circumstance.

Magical use: Both Sigel's defense and penetrating capabilities are utilized by the actions put forth by the might of ones will. By channeling ambition and interweaving it with the raw power of life's energy, Sigel transforms one's' will to become an invincible and unstoppable force. Combined with other runes Sigel reshapes their Magic into a potent dynamic thrust.

Casting Meaning: Known as the "Victory Rune" Sigel illustrates potent, willed action. Representing Success & Victory, it is a powerful sign of Breakthrough & Achievement. Sigel councils you to stay set on your goals & remain true to them. As long as you proceed in your efforts, Victory will be Attained.