Rune: Mannaz Talisman

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Name: Mannaz, Madr; Man.

Letter: M (20th Runic letter)

Translation: Mankind, Human

Meaning: Self, Humanity

Key words: Rational mind, Race memories, Realization of the Divine in humankind.

Attributes: Two mirrors reflect infinity. Depicted as two individuals reflecting each other, Mannaz enables you to be aware of the hallowed inheritance you share with the rest of the human race & brings you into relationships with other like minds. Mannaz represents the perfect human being balanced and self-guided with full knowledge of the workings of their mind.

Magical use: As the rune of perfect intellect, Mannaz melds instinct, reason, & intuition into true consciousness. Through this union one can awaken ones "Race memories" (ancestral knowledge that is past on and added to with each generation) and opens the "mind's eye" to behold the collective conscious (the web of thought through which we are all interconnected).

Casting Meaning: Mannaz signifies suspense. When all hangs on the balance of a situation over which you have no control, remain receptive to all options. Release yourself from your fears or bondage, for perseverance is a must. The lesson taught here is that we are not in full control of all conditions.