Rune: Laguz Talisman

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Name: Laguz, Lagu, Lagur, Lagus, [Pronunciation: Lah-gooze]

Letter: L (21st Runic letter)

Translation: Water, Imagination, Occultism, Dreams.

Meaning: Intuition, Deep knowing, Self-transformation, Water: ocean, river or lake, Cleansing, Tide.

Key words: Inspiration, Second sight.

Attributes: In the time of heroes & high adventure, ancient mariners told tales of distant lands, sea nymphs, & monsters that lived in the dark depths of the sea. Within their prose was the underlying theme of life's ever-changing nature of existence. Intuitively allowing us to penetrate below the surface of what's seen; Laguz enables one to probe the depths of "what shall become".

Magical use: By channeling the life force which is present in all organic growth, Laguz is used to clean blockages of progress and to accelerate any flow already taking place. Through a series of self-transformations, Laguz entrusts one with the power of second sight, prophetic wisdom, the Powers of Dreaming (lucid dreams, astral projection). This empowerment allows one to fathom the vast web which constitutes the laws of life.