Rune: Ken Talisman

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Name: Ken, Kano, Kaunaz, Kanaz, Kaon

Letter: K (6th letter in runic alphabet)

Translation: Passion, Torch, Fire, illumination .

Meaning: Sexual Vitality, Artistic Shaping, Controlled Energies, ‘Ken’ or Knowledge

Key words: Passion, Creative Visioning, Inspiration, quest for truth, teacher of wisdom, clarity of thought.

Attributes: Known as the rune of artists/craftspeople, Ken focuses the raw energy of Sexual Ecstasy & Primal Fire into a powerful Creative Force. Acquisition and application of knowledge, occult female secrets.

Magical use: Ken is the rune which releases the Spirit into the realms of power for acts of artistic reshaping. Ken commands the primal forge of the artist, strengthening ones abilities into a rapture of Artistic Intensity and deepened sexual passions.

Casting Meaning: Enlightenment: Ken portrays the transformation from the darkness of ignorance into the illuminating insight of Wisdom. Ken represents that your debt has been paid back by the wheel of justice. Since Ken is also a strong sexual energy rune, it may indicate new passions or sexual relationships coming soon.