Rune: Jera Talisman

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Name: Jera, Jara

Letter: J (12th runic letter)

Translation: Year's Harvest

Meaning: Creativity, Abundance, Jera, as Rune No. 12, represents the 12 months of the year, Fertility, Creativity and Harmony with the Earth, Peace, Realization of the cyclical nature of the Multiverse.

Key words: Harmony, Enlightenment, Fruition, Patience, Awareness, Reward for positive action, plenty

Attributes: Jera translates into "Year's Harvest". The ancients viewed a year as a division of summer & winter which are interacting complements of each other: Summer's harvest creates food for Winter. This Unity is a Spiral where every action is shaping the next moment of Creation. We can never return to the beginning, as in a circle, for growth is a spiral where each rotation of life becomes an evolutional development for the next cycle.

Magical Use: Jera Illustrates the natural development of spiritual understanding which cannot be hurried or forced. Ruling the creative process from the seed of an idea through the complete process to the harvest of finished work, Jera is not a rune of immediate gratification but rather bestows a fruitful harvest from the patience & awareness that it endows.