Rune: Isa Talisman

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Name: Isa

Letter: I (11th Rune)

Translation: Ice

Meaning: ThePresent, Concentration, Stability

Key words: Time, Focus

Attributes: 20,000 years ago the ancient people of Europe hunted along the edge of great walls of ice. These moving mountains were believed to encase the basic elements ofcreation. The Runemasters understood and utilized the raw power within ice. The icicle depiction on this rune is a reminder to us that Isa contains enormouspotential energy.

Magical use: The rune Isa is attributed to Verdandi, the middle sister of Fate, who oversees “that which is eternally becoming.” To the ancients the form of ice was the best metaphor of “the present moment in time,” static yet changing. Isa has the power to slow down surrounding energies. This creates stability, calmness & concentration. Within this sphere one is able to reassess those problems that are creating anxiety. Isa creates an awareness that isa powerful healing medicine for a less stressful life.

Casting Meaning: Here Isa represents a stagnate situation. This is a juncture in life where one contemplates if they are wasting time. Now is a period in which to evaluate yourself & the motives which are driving you. If the present situation is not desirable then use this opportunity to explore possibilities that have been put off due to loyalty & commitment.