Rune: Ingwas Talisman

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Name: Ingwaz

Letter: ng (22nd letter in runic alphabet)

Translation: Seed

Meaning: Stored energy, Transformation, Gateway to hidden realms

Key words: Potential might, Contemplation, Gestation

Attributes: Ingwaz is the gateway by which man can achieve insight into the intuitive nature that encompasses feminine perceptions. To do this man has to be capable of giving up his fear of the truth, allowing himself to see the root of his motivations & why these factors are his driving force. The ability to think before speaking gives one time to phrase a thought properly, giving others clear & precise understanding Honesty & integrity are the two most important attributes reached from the power of Ingwaz. These attributes are required to understand the intricate reasoning within the feminine psyche.

Magical use: Ingwaz converts active power into potential energy. This creates a power place where raw energy is absorbed & gestated before being released in a single burst of enormous might. This circle of absorption - transformation - release makes Ingwaz the only rune of replenishing power. This concept is best illustrated as a seed; absorption of surrounding nutrients, the transformation of breaking through its shell into a mature plant, & the release of that years knowledge of growing into a new seed. Ingwaz is best used as an energy recharger for all other runes, supplying them with an unlimited resource of power.

Casting Meaning: Now is the time to generate energy towards goals & projects that have been be put off. Courage will be needed to overcome the obstacles of fear.Relaxation & recharging of ones inner strength is essential before starting your endeavor. Use this period for reflection, cultivation, & nourishment of your aspirations. If your undertakings are started with integrity & honesty then they will produce the fruits of your imagination.