Rune: Hagall Talisman

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Name: Hagall, Hagalaz, Haegl

Letter: H (9th runic letter)

Translation: Hail, Hailstone

Meaning: Transformation, Weather, damaging natural forces, Disruption, Interference.

Key words: Change, Evolution, changes for the long-term good, controlled crisis, corrections, completion, inner harmony.

Attributes: Hagal represents hail and its portent may be likened to an unexpected hailstorm, an elemental disruption of your life. It can suggest limitation, interruption, or delay, or imply a complete change in direction. Face the challenges head-on knowing they are just stepping stones on the way to your goal. The greater the challenge, the more you gain by overcoming it.

Magical use: This rune gives insight into all events that lie outside your control. Hagall energy derives from the Unification of Chaos into an organized Whole of events designed to test you. These tests are to help your Will become more resilient and teach the Wisdom needed for understanding Life's Mysteries.

Casting Meaning: This rune gives insight into all events. It represents the "mechanical process" of the cosmos rather than the "justice" of it. Hagall's existence is necessary for a future event in one's life to happen. The experience is usually interpreted on the secular level as delay or disruption in one's life. On the surface the situation you are currently having may feel distressing, but in reality the change is necessary. Now is not a good time to start something new. Progress will o