Rune: Geofu Talisman

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Name: Geofu, Gebo, Gyfu

Letter: G (7th letter in the runic alphabet)

Translation: Gift

Meaning: Sex Magic, Mystical Unions, Harmony between Lovers, Discovery or development of a skill or talent-Artistic or Musical ability. Good fortune in partnerships.

Key words: Love, Partnership, Forgiveness, Generosity, Gifts, Ecstasy

Attributes: Geofu teaches the Wisdom of Benevolence. Show compassion. Be not afraid to declare love.

Magical use: Geofu is used in all cases of equal exchange of energies, especially those which promote Mystical Unions. Geofu brings friendship, loyalty, and kindness; opening doors for new love. Used in Sex Magic it heightens energies between two people bringing a bond of sexual rapture and unprecedented harmony. This creates an awareness of both self-sacrifice and balance, the true essence of lasting, passionate love.

Casting Meaning: Geofu teaches the wisdom of sacrifice: to surrender present conditions in order to gain wisdom & spiritual enlightenment. Current conditions need reexamination in order to improve your present state of affairs. With change come opportunities for success.