Rune: Eolh Talisman

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Names: Eolh, Algiz, Elhaz, Algir.

Letter: Z (15th Runic letter)

Translation: Elk

Meaning: Protection, Safe refuge, Interconnection with Divinity, Refinement of Energies.

Key words: Shield against hostility, Spirit Guides, Divine Communication.

Attributes: Eolh/Algiz illustrates both the antlers of the elk, and the shape of the sedge-grass herb. To some it suggests the spread fingers of a hand in a protective gesture. It is a powerful rune of Protection and Spiritually; symbolizing reaching up to the divine. Like the antlers of the elk, this rune is both Shield and Spear: Bringing Protection from those who cause affliction & distress. The rune is a guide to one's Spiritual Growth.

Magical use: Eolh helps balance the lower & higher faculties of Self; a bridge between individuality & the collective consciousness. This nexus unites the psyche allowing a deeper awareness of others & illuminating the significance of interactions. Used with other runes, Eolh activates their highest level of spiritual workings and binding the runes together for the purpose of evolving one's consciousness.

Casting Meaning: This rune has become a symbol of Great Optimism. It indicates a challenge arriving: a stimulating change that will involve sacrifice for a greater goal. This will have a favorable outcome. Depending on the surrounding runes Eolh may also imply a new romance founded on an existing friendship.