Rune: Eiwaz Talisman

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Name: Eihwaz, Ihwaz.

Letter: Y (13th rune of Elder Futhark,)

Translation: Yew tree

Meaning: Past life memories, Defends against danger, the mysteries of life and death, the Timeless.

Key words: Endurance, Protection, Will power, Strength, Reliability, Dependability, Trustworthiness. Enlightenment, Defense.

Attributes: Contained within Eihwaz lies the power of the yew, Sacred Tree of Eternal Life-Yggdrasil. Evergreen in the harshest winters, the yew

symbolizes the Will to Survive. The ancients believed that, like the yew, our soul’s will persists throughout the multiple deaths & rebirth of existence. By focusing the runic energy of Eihwaz Runemasters were able to unlock their past knowledge & wisdom.

Magical use: Full of potential energy, Eihwaz is not a rune to use for mere whim. By channeling the life giving force of creation, Eihwaz creates a powerful state of Protection & banishing that has been praised for its abilities to defend one against danger throughout time. By shielding the soul against hardships Eihwaz can begin transforming our past experiences into deep Awareness and Enlightenment.