Rune: Ehwaz Talisman

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Names: Ehwaz, Eoh, Eh, Oe.

Letter: E (19th Runic Letter)

Translation: Horse, Spiritual Guide

Meaning: Marriage, A Sacred Bond, steed or mount, Momentum, Speed.

Key words: Trust, Loyalty, Intuitive bond.

Attributes: Throughout history the horse was a most Sacred & Honored creature. Thought to be a bridge between the world of matter and the Spiritual Realm, the horse represented an intuitive bond between them. The rune symbol is two horses facing each other-symbolizing both a Spiritual Guide (“The Fetch”) and a cooperative union between the horse and rider: two halves of the whole.

Magical use: As a symbol of lawful marriage, Ehwaz has for centuries been used for creating an unbreakable bond. The harmonious synergy that is created forms a private empathic link between two people. When used by an individual, Ehwaz aids in retrieving & conveying prophetic wisdom which may otherwise be unattainable.

Casting Meaning: Ehwaz indicates outside assistance will come to you. Be receptive to the contributing aide & positive counsel given. The solutions offered will bring you to the successful completion of your goal. Ehwaz implies controlled change, progress, and sometimes a journey.