Rune: Dagaz Talisman

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Name: Dagaz, Daeg; Dags

Letter: D (23rd Runic letter)

Translation: Day

Meaning: Beginning Anew, Inspiration, Breakthrough.

Key words: Mystical insight and Inspiration, Light, Begin Anew, Awakening.

Attributes: Unlike our modern concept of time, the Norse viewed sunrise to sunset then sunset to sunrise as two different periods. Dawn symbolized a New Beginning and the source for Inspirations. Night & day were both seen as the eternal moment, Dagaz represented the Divine Light of strength & joy which plows through all barriers while night was a time for meditation and reflection.

Magical use: For centuries Dagaz has been a powerful aid when seeking answers. Encouraging reception of mystical insight, it has often been called the "Spiritual Philosophers Stone". Chiefly used as a rune of meditation, Dagaz helps one perceive that two opposites are aspects of a whole. Helps break through blockages, Self-change, Reveals your Warrior nature.

Casting Meaning: Dagaz denotes the end of one cycle & the beginning of the next. Complete transformation in attitude allows you to be receptive to New Beginnings.