Rune: Beorc Talisman

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Name: Beorc, Berkanan, Berkano.

Letter: B (18th Runic letter)

Translation: Great mother, Birch tree.

Meaning: Transformation, Growth, Regeneration, Fertility, Re-birth, New life, A new broom, Physical beauty or stature.

Key words: Rebirth, Nurturing, Purification.

Attributes: To the ancient people of Europe the Beorc (Birch tree) was one of the most sacred living symbols within their culture. Not only was the birch tree a living representation of Purification & Regeneration, it was a personification of the Earth Mother. The swollen breasts and womb depicted on this rune are a constant reminder of the Fruitfulness & Renewal that our Earth Mother offers. Lost causes may be redeemed. New beginnings will flourish.

Magical use: As a rune of hidden transformations & growth, Beorc is particularly potent in all workings of Women’s Mysteries. Within all the female children of the Earth Mother exists the innate maternal insight of Intuitive Reasoning. Illumination from this rune enables one to magnify the raw essence of these powerful gifts.