Rune: Ansur Talisman

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Name: Ansuz, Ansur, Asa, Os.

Letter: A (4th letter in the runic alphabet)

Translation: Mouth, Magical Words, Odin’s Rune

Meaning:  Spiritual Ecstasy, Poetic inspiration, Magical speech, Inspiration, Spirit Power and Knowledge, Song and Poetry, Communication.

Key words: Creative enhancement, Artistic inspiration & reception

Attributes: Unlocks the channels of Self-Expression, Ansur is used to overcome the blockages and allows the subconscious to receive and transmit Artistic Inspirations. Opens all lines of communication earthly & magical alike

Magical use: Ansuz is used in all forms of receptive Psychic and Magical abilities. It opens one to receive the truths of hidden thoughts of the world and transmutes them into forms which show there power in the deepest layers of the observers mind.

Casting Meaning: This rune represents a new life is unfolding. New lives begin with new connections, coincidences that lead us into a new direction. Be open to chance encounters, visits, and gatherings of people. Anyone can be an ambassador of wisdom and opportunity to an open and receptive mind.