Ringed Pentacle Talisman

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The Pentacle has been a symbol of Power throughout human history. It generates both awe and fear within us because of its presence in nature and the complex beliefs surrounding its use in Ritual Magick.

  Powerful symbols address our archetypal nature and create an emotional response that we often don’t understand. This is part of what makes the Pentacle so powerful.

  The Ringed Pentacle’s beauty lies not only in its symmetry, but in its Mysticism. It combines the sharp lines of the masculine nature, with the soft, circular form of the Divine Feminine.

  This unity creates a symbol of Endless Possibilities for Magic and Creativity.

  The weaving of the circles throughout the pentacle provides a mandala for meditation on the infinite cycles of life.

  Early Astronomers believed that the Planet Venus traveled in the path of a pentagram.

  The Pentacle became a secret symbol of the Goddess Ishtar, as well as the Goddess Venus.

  The Greek Goddess Hygeia, goddess of Healing, was also represented by the Pentacle.

  The Ringed Pentacle will guide your awareness to the Great Goddess within and all around us.