Pentacle of Solomon Talisman

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The word talisman derives from the Greek ‘Teleo’ meaning ‘to consecrate’ and it is precisely the act of consecrating that imbues your talisman with the Magical Powers you desire. A simple consecration is to rinse off any latent energies with water. Then, holding the talisman in your right hand, concentrate on the things you want help achieving. This will activate vast magical powers include Planetary Elemental Forces, Spirits, Angels, Saints, Ancient Gods, Good Spirits etc. The Symbols on the talisman aid in channeling and enhancing these forces for you.

The “Pentacle of Rabbi Solomon the King” is said to be the “most necessary talisman for the evocation of Spirits and very ‘efficacious for all good.’ “Evil spirits cannot injure the wearer at any time.”

The pentacle must be worn with the corresponding Seal of Solomon to enhance its power which is why we put it on the backside.

This Pentacle can be used for many different purposes including: for those who ‘occupy positions of authority or who desire to influence people in authority.’ For those who give practical advice to others or those who are concerned with religion or missionary work. Also by people who ‘both take and give orders.’

For doctors, surgeons, nurses, and all others who administer to the general health of others. Also for manipulative healers such as Yoga teachers, chiropractors, osteopaths, and Psychic Healers.