Pentacle for Spiritual Protection Talisman

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The Pentacle is one of the oldest and most potent of all talismans. 

It has been seen in many Ancient Cultures: Sumerian, Egyptian, Kabbalist, Celts, Gypsies, Christian, etc. 

The Pentacle has had many names: Pentacle of the Virgin, The Star of Knowledge, Pentalpha, the Pentacle of the Knights Templars, The Seal of Solomon. 

In Medieval times it was known as The Wizard’s Star, The Goblin’s Cross, The Druid’s Foot, or The Witch’s Foot. 

It symbolized many things: the Spirit ruling over the World of Matter.

The 5 points of the star represents the 5 Senses, the 5 stages of Life, the 5 States of Consciousness. 

The Pentacle is said to bring a Vital Life Force and Good Health as well as Protection against Evil Spirits.