Loyalty Kanji Talisman

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On the top of this Kanji is an Asian symbol of a Drum With a Flag through it representing the Middle, as in the middle of a battle.  Under this is a symbol illustratingthe Heart between the two ribs: the core of one's character.  When both are combined it is the Kanji for Loyalty.  

Beneath the Kanji is a Dog's Paw.  It was once stated that "a dog's superpower is "loyalty".  The meaning of 'Loyalty' in ancient Latin is "Trust, Confidence, and the Promise of Protection".  Dogs and people have evolved together over the centuries to the benefit of each other's existence.  In addition to their loyalty, dogs bring the gift of unconditional love to their close companions and family/pack-encouraging humanity to reach its' deepest potential of Grace and Benevolence.  

Only with trust and love can loyalty be forged, the most critical trait needed to hold friends, lovers, family and communities together.