Loki Talisman

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The Vikings were a Smart, Creative, Democratic people whose society was built on law and order. In fact the word "law" comes from Old Norse.

Women had rights and family were important.

They were farmers, craftsmen, traders, explorers, looters, and fierce warriors.

The Vikings dominated parts of Europe for over 600 years-from 400 AD to about 1040 AD,

They had many Gods and Goddesses called the : "Gods of the North". These Gods lived high in the sky in a place called Asgard where Odin was King of Gods.

Loki was Odin's adopted son: a mischief maker who loved pranks.

Loki's Triple Horns are a Symbol of the Life Force.

Each horn contains a Snake winding back on itself: a Shapeshifter, Trickster God as flexible as a serpent in wriggling out of trouble.

Vikings believed snakes, in shedding their skins were both Wise and Powerful.