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The legendary figure of Lilith has become a Symbol for Women’s Unity. Feminist culture has adopted Lilith as an icon of women’s equality, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, and sexual freedom. As with many legendary and mythological female figures, Lilith has been associated with the dark side. Through art and literature, there is evidence of Lilith’s development dating back to Sumerian civilization. She is mentioned in the Talmud, the Zohar, and various Jewish legends.

One popular version of Lilith’s origin was written in the book, The Alphabet of Ben Sira (900 CE). God created Lilith as a wife for Adam. Both were created from the earth, as equals. Conflict arose when Lilith refused to “‘lie beneath” Adam. She would not be subservient to him. When Adam insisted that “beneath” was her place, Lilith uttered the ineffable name of God, grew owl-like wings, and flew from the Garden of Eden. Three angels were sent to retrieve Lilith, but she refused to go back.

What happens to Lilith next is confusing. Mythology, Mysticism, and Folklore do not lend themselves to easy interpretation. It is said she becomes the wife of Sammael, the angel of death. It is said she becomes a demon who visits children in their sleep, causing illness and death. She is a seductress who enters men’s dreams as the succubus.

Like the Hindu goddess Kali, she is as much feared as revered; for she is a symbol of power and fury, fueled by unbridled passion, free will, and an intensely dark feminine nature.

The Lilith symbol is not for everyone...the imagery is strong, unpredictable, and frightening; but also raw, real, and powerfully honest.