Kali Yantra Talisman

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The Hindu Goddess Kali, is known as the Goddess of Time and Change.

She represents the power of transformation that occurs with the destruction of the ego. She is the essence of Divine Love to which we surrender, when we begin our journey toward healing and spiritual growth.

The Kali Yantra is a symbol combining the transformative energies of Kali, within a “Yantra”, a geometric symbol used to focus the mind.

Drawing, wearing, or concentrating on such a symbol is said to have both Spiritual and Magickal Power.

At the center is a small dot, known as the Bindu, or Point of Creation. Surrounding the Bindu are five concentric triangles that represent the five Koshas- The koshas are the sheaths of the human condition.

The two circles are symbols of Life and Death.

The Lotus blossom symbolizes the eight chakras and the eight principles of Prakriti; the manifesting Universe; Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether, Manas (Lower mind), Buddhi (higher mind), and ahamkara (ego).