Helm of Awe/Ultimate Victory Talisman

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This Ancient Magical design is called Aegishjalmur (meaning Helm of Awe or Terror.) It brings Victory in Battle by re-directing any negative energy back to its source.

It is an "Icelandic stave design:" a rune that is empowered eightfold around a central point.

It is the MANNAZ rune … the rune of Expansion and Growth, of New Beginnings and Re-birth, a rune of Humanity. It represents both male and female energy and links with man at his most fundamental level. It is the rune of assistance and team work. This Powerful, Magical symbol was worn in ancient Europe quite extensively, most often as an amulet suspended onto the forehead, or engraved into a headpiece over the third eye, but also on saddles, weapons and as pendants.

It was thought to dazzle assailants with its natural motion, giving the wearer protection and time to react. In the center circle of this pendant is an Icelandic binding rune that is said to Repel any Harmful Energy back to its source bringing Victory in any kind of Battle.