Hamsa Talisman

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Hamsa symbolizes Protection and Transformation. The Sanskrit symbols surrounding the Hand belong to a lost age of knowledge. 'Om Mani Padme Hum' or Praise the jewel of the lotus' is part of the incscriptions. Each of these 6 syllables when chanted resonate a specific energy. Each tone shedding the toxic effects from negative lifestyles and personal exchanges: Om- vibrates the devine resonance, bestowing generosity, diminishing the destructive hold of ego. Ma- transmits ethics and morality to remove the poison of jealousy. Ni- provides patience needed to pursue ones passion. Pad- imparts diligence removing the self-destruction of ignorance. Me- conveys contentment eliminating the obsessions of desire and greed. Hum- channels wisdom pacifying aggression . In the center is Hamsa(hand) giving Defense against the Evil Eye, a SacredShield of Protection. Each finger of Hamsa represents a different elemental energy. Thumb: Solar Plexus Chakra: the element of fire. Forefinger: Heart Chakra: the element of air.  Middle finger: Throat Shakra: the ethereal element. Ring finger: root Chakra: the element of Earth. Little finger: Sacral chakra: the element of water. Hamsa clears ones negative energy, cleansing our inner verse. A timeless gift of transformation offerings limitless reality of Higher Vibration.