Gothic Ankh Talisman

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The Ankh is a hieroglyph representing the Womb, or Life. Deities are shown holding it; the Key to the Afterlife and Immortality. This symbol was also known as the "Key of the Nile;" the river which provides the desert with Life Giving water.

Seen by the Egyptians as the Key of Life, this amulet is worn for Good Health, Prosperity and Long Life, a symbol of Life Everlasting and Eternal. It is said that the loop is the Feminine Principle of the womb, of gestation, and fertility. The cross and root is the phallic Masculine principle of Potency in creation. Together they symbolize the Cycle of Life as man and woman, god and man, heaven and earth join together.

It is held in the hands of all the Gods, and used by craftsmen and Kings alike. Our design is meant to be a Symbol to today's Goths for Self Empowerment and Solidarity.