Enlightenment Talisman

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This original design contains two powerful symbols of enlightenment: the lotus blossomand the Aum symbol (pronounced oh-m). The symbolism of the lotus has been used for millennia, representing the different stages of development we all go through in life.

The lotus begins its life in the bottom of the pond its desire to be more lifts itself out of the waste that its burred under, slowly as it rises through the water, the debris washes off as it grows threw the different layers of temperature. Some never make it all the way, but those that reach the surface feel the warmth of reaching their goal and open up to the divine radiance of the light and bask in its prosperity.

Above the Lotus, as if its fragrance, is the Sanskrit glyph called Aum. This glyph is a simple graphic of a bow and an arrow in flight, the arrow is a metaphor of the journey of one’s spirit.

The curve of the arrows flight is the spiral of life's tests all people will face. The slash, just above the arrows flight, is the ego blocking divinity, the diamond above, separating us from divine help in our journey within the spiral. When one follows their inspirations, the time during forging of the idea into reality, there is a sense of time loss; it is at this moment that our soul becomes like an arrow in flight through the barrier of our limiting ego, to the source of all inspiration. One is in perfect harmony, creating with the ever expanding creation that surrounds us, this harmony is called Aum.

Our pendent was hand crafted to remind one never to give up on ambitions to become better, for it is said: “that the divine light shines warmly upon on those who journey towards bettering themselves on the spirits journey of self discovery.