Egyptian Ankh/Symbol of Eternal Life Talisman

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As the yearly flooding of the Nile River brought Life to the farmlands of Egypt, so too did the Holy Symbol of The Ankh bring Life to the Egyptian people.

Myth says that Isis and Osiris, the most important Gods of the New Kingdom, created this inundation with their Lovemaking bringing Fertility to all Egypt. The Ankh is a symbol of their union: the Cross of Osiris merged with the fertile Oval of Isis.

Because of its property of giving Eternal Life, the Ankh was worn by all the Pharaoh God Kings of Egypt. Much loved, it began to be worn as a powerful Amulet by all Egyptians who, centuries later, were loath to give it up when converting to Christianity. Instead they used it in place of the Christian Cross to represent Eternal Life.

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