Eagles Knot Talisman

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The Fighting Eagle’s Knot is a Union of Masculine and Feminine Spirit, creating a powerful Talisman of Protection and Divine Wisdom and Spirit! At the center is the Triquetra, symbol of the Trinity and power of the “Divine Feminine.” The triquetra also acts as a Protective Talisman: its continuous design prevents the entry of evil or negative energies. The Circle surrounding it consecrates the Sacred Space of the Mother. The Protective and Meditative Celtic knotwork intertwines the Triquetra with six Eagles in Spiritual Flight! Metaphorically, the soaring of the Eagle as a Skygod suggests strong Masculine Power and association with the Male Solar Energies.

The Eagle was adopted by many cultures as a Sacred Symbol of Illumination and Spiritual Healing. The Greek God Zeus transformed into an Eagle to control thunder and lightening. Christian mystics saw the Eagle as a symbol of resurrection.

Native Americans honored the Eagle as a Great Mystical Spirit and continue to use the prized feathers for Healing and Purifying ceremonies.

The “Eagle’s Knot ” is for those who are searching for Truth and rediscovery of the Self. Within its Power and Protectiveness, one can safely seek out the higher senses of Passion, Purity, Creativity, and Healing. The vision of the Eagle illuminates the Spirit.