Double Phoenix Talisman

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The Phoenix is a magnificent bird-like creature, born from the myths of ancient sun-worshipping peoples.

The Phoenix is said to live for centuries by reincarnating through Fire.   Since it causes its own death by self-immolation and is reborn from its own ashes, it has become a Symbol of Resurrection and Immortality.   

    The Ancients likened the Phoenix to the Sun, which blazes brightly throughout the day, escapes to darkness throughout the night, and is reborn in full glory on the morrow.

    Our 2 Phoenix are holding a Heart adorned with a Crown: symbol of Royalty and Supremacy above others as well as a symbol of True Love.

     In our ever-changing world of uncertainty and fear, The Phoenix still burns brightly as a symbol of resurrection from the ashes, and of the indomitability and strength of the human spirit!