Demon Hunter's Amulet Talisman

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Our Demon Hunter's Amulet is combination of 3 powerful symbols: The Cross, The Axe, and the Circle. 

The Cross has been a symbol of Protection for thousands of years: its origins date back to Ancient Babylon and the sun-gods Mithra and Tammuz. It was not used by Christians until the 4th century after Emperor Constantine had a vision of the cross in front of the sun.

The Axe is one of the most prominent symbols of the Scottish rite of the Free Masons. The axe is one of the oldest tools of mankind. The Celts called axes "thunder stones" resulting in axes becoming associated with both the power of Destruction, and the power of Creation.

The Circle is a universal symbol with extensive meaning: Wholeness, Perfection, the Infinite, Eternity, Timelessness, all Cyclic Movement, and God. The Circle is a Protective Agent and helps bring Psychic Wholeness and Self-Realization.