Celtics Warrior's Shield Talisman

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This Shield of Protection is based on the Numbers 3 and 4, whose Magical Powershelp provide Circles of Protection.

The central design is composed of four circles interlocked into Magical Celtic Knots. They represent the Four Corners of the Earth, The Four Winds, The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Water, and Fire…and most importantly, the ‘Four Angelic Guardians.’

This design is where the Four realms of North, South, East, and West are joined and the Four Elemental Spirit Guardians, Peoples, and Lands of Earth merge.

The Ancient Celts included the Magical Trinity of interlocking “Rings of Three.” Three is a Symbol of Luck and invokes the 3 Fates. The Circles overlapping creates a "Triple Vesica" bringing “Perfection in Thought, Word, and Deeds” as well as Helping find Love, Enhance Power, and bring Wisdom.

The Magic of Three is assimilated in the legend of St. Patrick as the Magical Shamrock and, of course manifest in the Christian Trinity.

The manifestations of the Four Elemental Angelic Guardians bring Protection to those who wear this Amulet.

The hanger of this Protective Amulet consists of the heads of Celtic Swans. The migration of swans marks the passages of the “Great Circle” of the Year, and reminds us of the Sacredness of the cycles of our own life. We can also learn from the cooperative and communal behavior of these birds, which never abandon a sick or wounded member of the flock. They know when to lead or follow and when to seek guidance.

May the wearing of this amulet bring Protection from Harm and all Evil Influence