Celtic Unicorn Talisman

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The Unicorn is a Mystical Creature born out of the Dreams of all who believe in the Human Spirit, the Purity of the Heart, the Creativity of the Mind, and the Strength of the Bond between all living beings.

Some say the Unicorn has a dual existence; a human form on earth, and a wild and beautiful equine creature on the astral plane.

The Unicorn embraces the Fire and Power of the Masculine Spirit, as well as the Passion and Nurturing Spirit of Femininity.

Allegorically, the Unicorn symbolizes all we aspire to be; strong but tempered by wisdom; spontaneous but tempered with calm; powerful but balanced by compassion.

The Unicorn is a perfect creature, delicately balanced by yin and yang, the embodiment of the male and female spirit.

The spiraled horn of the Unicorn is the source of its great magic and powerful healing abilities.

Legend tells us that although the Unicorn offered its healing powers freely, men possessed by greed and wanton hunted down the Unicorn for its Magic. Today, it is said, the magical horn enables the Unicorn to maintain its dual existence; on earth and on the astral plane.

To find a Unicorn, we must seek out the one to whom others flock when they are in pain; one who soothes the bodies and minds of troubled souls; one who listens to what others can’t hear; one who sees beyond what can be seen; and one who touches what is not obvious to the touch. Keep searching and you may find one; think carefully, you may already know one!