Celtic Tree of Life Talisman

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There is a Magical Realm it is called "Annwn", it is the enchanted realm of the "Tuatha de Danann," the original Irish race descended from the Celtic Goddess Dana.

It is a realm of Youth and Promise, a land where "a fountain flows with sweet wine, where age and sickness are unknown". It is in this place that "The innermost circle from which all life springs" can be found.

Druids, Bards, and Banshees traveled back and forth between the two worlds, their gates of passage being found in springs, caves, mighty trees, and even in castle ruins. Look carefully at our original design to find the "wee Folk" hiding in the tree, two lovers in an embrace, and Pentacles hidden in the leaves.

The "Great Tree" lives in the center of Annwn and is the first Tree of Creation. It is alive with Song, Dance, and Merry Making.

"From this first "Great Tree," the Mother Goddess, Dana brought to Tara {Ireland} a Magical branch with three fruits: nuts, apples, and acorns. From this branch all the Trees of the Earth took root.

The most sacred tree of all was the Oak tree, which represents the "Axis Mundi," the Center of the World.

The Celtic name for oak, Daur, is the origin of the word door- the root of the oak was literally the doorway to the Otherworld, the realm of the Fairy. Countless Irish legends revolve around trees. One could fall asleep next to a particular tree and awake in the fairy realm. In Celtic legends, trees guard Sacred Wells and provide Healing, Shelter, and Wisdom. Trees carried messages to the other realm, and conferred blessings. To this day trees can be seen in the Irish countryside festooned with ribbons and pleas for Favors, Love, Healing, and Prosperity.