Celtic Love Knot Talisman

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In Ancient Times, Celtic Priests in deep Mystical Trance were given the Secrets of the Universe in the form of Visions. These Secrets of Life are symbolized in Celtic Art by the never-ending, interwoven knotwork of Celtic Tradition.

Our Celtic Love Knot, with its 8 intertwined Hearts, symbolizes the unbreakable, bonds of Love between two people as revealed to these Celtic Visionaries.

Ways to use this Celtic Magic: To bind your Lover to you forever; wear one knot near your Heart and place another upon your Lover. Or if searching for a New Love; wear one Love Knot and keep another ready as a gift for when your True Love appears.

Your Celtic Love Knot Helps Revitalize Relationships, Heighten Passions, and Attract True Love.